Air Freight Services

Tiras team of partners moves large volumes of air-cargo worldwide, through secured block spaces as well as charter programs. We offer competitive solutions with emphasis on space and price commitments. Our wide range of product meets the tightest budgets with short deadlines. Scheduled services Full Charters First flight out service Consolidation Customs Declaration and Customs Clearance Combined Air, Sea and Truck services Import , Export ( carriage arrangement : pick up , Ex-Works , FCA , etc   ) Import registration Door and Express delivery Temporary import , and Exhibition Goods Packing , Distribution ATA Carnet shipment We offer innovative solutions to all sectors of the market by air, whether it is general cargo, hazardous, express, oversized, perishable, pharmaceutical, hanging garments and/or other customized methods of transportation. Our specialized team applies the Just in Time shipping method being able to accommodate last- minute decisions in critical situations. Integrated operation facilities allow us to switch from air to sea or vice versa at a moment's notice. In order to fulfill our customers’ requirements, we have our own air-cargo service center in IKA (Imam Khomeini Airport) providing all airfreight related services as an added value on our regular service package.

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