Air Services

Air Cargo Transporting will be done wherever aircrafts are able to take off and land. Air freight customers are merchants who often carry goods of low weight and low size but in high value. Or in any case it needs to be delivered at the destination in the shortest possible time according to the time conditions. All traders who intend to import by air are always looking for different services in the field of air transport. Tiras Company has an Official license from the National Aviation Organization and the World Aviation Convention,Well known as IATA, and have cooperation with domestic and international airlines such as Iran Air, Mahan Air, UAE, Qatar, Turkish Air, … And it offers you a fast and Safe Shipping using IATA member agencies all around the world. Tiras Company is at your service in all activities related to formalities and we make sure that your shipment arrives safely and on time. Also, having a very strong Crew at Imam Khomeini International Airport(IKA), in order to provide you warehouse receipts in the fastest possible time, even for special shipments we can also provide you the fastest Flight Depot Warehouse Receipt.

Tiras can provide a wide range of services such as :