Land Services

Road transport is one of the oldest ways of moving goods in the world, which in terms of price and speed, is suitable for transporting many goods and shipments. Currently, most of the goods in the world are transported by road. Today, land Freight, within the increasing benefit of small roads to transit highways, should be considered as the main type of freight around the world. Land Freight customers are those who have bulky and heavy goods that are not economical to be transported by plane or by sea. Therefore, Tiras Company with official membership in the International Transport Union of Iran and using a large network of reliable international representatives and partners and also using groupage collection centers (LTL) in Dedicated warehouses located in Europe (Italy-Milan, Düsseldorf-Germany, Bulgaria) and Istanbul-Turkey are able to deliver all their customers’ shipments from all over the world to the final destination in the quickest time possible. To provide valuable services to our valued customers, we offer a wide range of international ground transportation services: